bounce house

Moonwalk or Bounce House
(For Private Parties Only)

Great Fun!!! This Slide does not have a water attachment. The Slide runs on two separate circuits of regular house current electricity which customer must supply. It cannot be used in rain. Slide must be used on relatively flat surface free of all sharp objects. Slide must be supervised the entire time of operation. It has a weight restriction and maximum per person. It is designed to hold groups of 3 to 6 children at a time.
No Adults or Teenagers allowed.
Two hours minimum with: complete delivery, set-up, breakdown, and return – with customer-supplying electricity and supervision


cotton candy 2

Cotton Candy Machine
Sno-Cone Machine
Popcorn Machine

Make cotton candy for your guests!
You pick up and return – We show you how to use it and we clean it upon return – if you would rather for an additional charge we can deliver, operate, and return.

Supplies for Machines:
Fun Times carries the supplies needed for the machines.
Sno-Cone: Gallon of Syrup serves 65 people
Sno-cone cups




Fully Supplied Spin
Art Machine with Operator

The operator places a 5”x8” poster board card down into the machine. The guest squirts in three primary colors of soap and water Tempura Paint onto the card in their own design. Hands Back! As the operator turns on the machine and you watch as the card begins to spin the colors and design together to create a beautiful kaleidoscope design. As the machine slows a touch of Glitter is added for optimum effect! You not only get to be creative but each person gets to keep their card.

Note: Requires regular household electricity – which the customer must provide.

All price quotes are within a 20 mile radius of 5212 Old Wake Forest Rd Raleigh, NC 27609 using Map Quest as a guide. Further distances will have a travel charge of a one way fee. All travel charges apply to one way only.