The Perfect Corporate Entertainment Is Complete

With The Southeast’s Most Entertaining DJ

Robert White

Why hire Robert White as your DJ over the many other DJ’s and all of the other companies to choose from? The answer is very simple. He is the absolute best at what he does. Not only is this a fact, but a Guarantee with no exceptions! No one is better at making the party fun and then keeping it going. He has a “Gift” of deciding what the crowd needs and delivering it to them.

Robert has had a multitude of backgrounds to draw from. Out of school, Robert was a musician playing drums for such famous groups as Looking Glass, Southern Comfort, Atlantic Station, and Hollywood. He then became a professional comedy telegram artist. Professional group dancer was his next venture. Then clowning, magician, cartoon character impersonation, stand-up comedian, DJ then karaoke entertainer. If you just want music that is entertaining at your event – Robert White is the best! But, listed below are a lot of entertainment items that you can have, all at the same cost, just by asking.
Why? Because Robert comes to ENTERTAIN!
He likes it all the same and is equally good at any of these extras.

Cocktail Hour
Your guests will have a great selection of background music when they arrive. At a volume low enough to converse, but still be entertaining with great hits that everyone will remember from the past.

Dinner Music
Robert will emcee all of your special announcements. He will also have a wireless microphone if you want to do any type of awards or announcements. During dinner he will play your choice and style of dinner music. Good music, starting at a volume that lets you talk and then as the end of dinner is nearing, blending into a style that makes you want to party.

Walk around Magic
If you want more during the cocktail hour – To be really different, Robert can play preselected music on the sound system and during this time do walk around magic laced with comedy and audience participation.
Note: Only do magic during a cocktail hour never during dinner (no one likes to be bothered while they eat).

Variety, Comedy, Magic, Audience-Participation Floorshow
If you want a show – this is it! Based on his background as a professional stand-up comedian, Robert can do anywhere from a twenty to sixty minute floorshow that is based around and with your audience. He has performed this show at several conventions and always achieved tremendous success. It’s clean, it’s fun, and “soooo” hilarious when your guests have
to participate. It’s better than someone telling jokes (which you may or not relate to) or someone pretending to hypnotize you (and hope someone good will play along). This show will have your guests talking for days to come about what they saw!

Use of PA System for Speeches, Awards, or Sessions
Robert will run the sound while you utilize the sound system for your program. Everyone can hear. Sound system clear and crisp. Audience participation games or contests Robert can set up and entertain many types of audience participation games or contests. This segment is designed to make you have fun while participating. They are all on an adult level but FUN TO PLAY!
Depending on the length of time you want to spend and how many people you want to participate this can be as reasonably short or long. Note: Your organization will have to supply the contest prizes. Robert will guide you through this ahead of time.

Look out! Now it’s time to dance!
Robert is an expert in getting the party started and keeping it going. He uses a wide variety of musical styles (from his professional experiences as well as requests) to keep everyone dancing. He also is very crowd interactive. He dances, he sings, he’s comical and fun to watch as he engages the crowd with the best in professional entertainment!

Special Items
Robert can perform any of the below specialty items at no additional cost upon request

Line Dances with instruction
Robert can show and instruct your guests, on how to do the most popular line dances. If you just want line dances played with no instruction that’s okay too! But, some of your guests will want to participate that may not know them.
It’s short, simple, and to the point. Now everyone can play!

Professional Karaoke
With this professional, club series, karaoke package your guests can also be “stars” at your event. Karaoke can be as wide open or limited as you choose.

Regular Items
Included automatically is a professional sound system, a music selection of a variety of styles to please everyone, a wireless microphone (if needed), and a complete, professional, DJ lightshow system (after dark of course).

Note: Performing time starts when performance is scheduled to start and continues without stopping until it is scheduled to stop or is extended to stop.
Note: All regular travel (up to 30 miles one way), Preparation Time, set up and tear down of equipment time are included free of charge and not charged as actual performance time.

Price Quote Notes: The Customer is to provide shelter and all the electricity needed.
All price quotes are within a 30 mile radius of 5212 Old Wake Forest Rd Raleigh NC 27609 using Map Quest as a guide. Further distances will have a travel charge of a one way fee. All travel charges apply to one way only.

Payment: Customer can either prepay the event or pay a deposit of one half the total cost and then pay the balance in cash only to the Entertainer upon arrival at the event. Prepayment or payment of deposit can be made on debit or credit card over the phone, in cash, certified funds, or by check. Reservation time and date is guaranteed only upon payment and completed contract.

Equipment List:
ESound System
8 channel mixer
Digital effects system
Six x Electro Voice Powered 1000 watt Speakers
Shure headset or lapel microphone
Shure handheld wireless microphone
Two x SM58 wired microphones
Computer with Intel i7 processor loaded with NuMark Que Professional DJ program, one terabyte external hard drive (filled with music and karaoke)

Light Show
Two x Roboscan 812 intelligent lights with controller
Two x Acrobat intelligent lights with controller
Two x nova light balls
Four x Par Stage Lights with controller
Two x Micro Star Gazer Laser Lights
Two x Micro Glaxian Laser Lights
Professional Fogger

Note: All equipment listed above is available – To be effective venues require different set ups which will require different combinations of the listed equipment to be used.