children’s entertainmentCharacter Program
The ultimate in children’s entertainment, our character parties are fun and exciting! Picture your child getting to see one of their favorite characters in person. Not only will they be delighted, but you and your guests will be as well. Unlike “Theme Parks” our Characters actually talk and interact at your party. Included with the Character Program there is music, sing-along programs, games, balloon sculptures, face painting, temporary tattoos, and magic if you like.

Princess Party
Pure Bliss is the only phrase that can describe the delight when your Daughter’s Favorite Princess shows up at her party. Escorted by a generic prince or an entertainer in brightly colored attire, this program covers everything you want to do. Both the male and the Princess perform together and separately. Items to pick from include: sing-along program – dance program – magic show- photo time – balloon sculptures – face painting – making beaded princess jewelry – temporary tattoos.

Birthday Party Level Clown
What’s a party without a clown? Clowns are fun, funny, and they are multitalented to make your party a huge success! All Fun Times clowns can do combinations of balloon sculptures, face painting, sing-along programs, and temporary tattoos. Ask about adding a magic show to this package.

To help you determine how long you will need for us to entertain at your party the following is a realistic guide:
Face painting:
2 and 1/2 minutes per child
Balloon sculptures:
2 minutes per child
Temporary tattoos:
1 minute per child
Sing-along Program:
15 to 20 minutes
Magic show:
15 to 20 minutes

Birthday Party Level Magician
Everyone loves amazing magic, especially if it is also funny at the same time! This is “One Great Show” to see! You can’t go wrong! This show is guaranteed to be one of the very best entertainment values you can get. For those that have never really been “into” magic – this is the show that will change your mind forever!
The show consists of a hilarious 20 minute comedy, magic, audience participation show where guests of all ages watch at once. Check out our rentals for more activities for your next Party!
Don’t leave the children in here by themselves even the adults will have a great time watching this show. There are age appropriate tricks for everyone, so no one is left out or bored. Objects appear out of nowhere, disappear, change colors, and turn into other objects right before your very eyes (some of them you might even get to eat).
All at the same time it is fun and funny and you get to actually participate! At the end of the “Magic Show” the magician can do combinations for the rest of the remaining time of balloon sculptures, face painting, temporary tattoos or spin art. There will be background music provided for the performance after the magic show.

Note: For sanitation purposes as well as safety issues, Fun Times does not use live animals in our performances. I know it sounds fun on paper. But, the ensuing visit to the doctor is not nearly as much fun as you would have hoped.