Magic is not just for children, it’s great for ages 5 to adult. It is not the same old boring tricks one after another with little or no crowd interaction that you may have experienced elsewhere in the past. It is an exciting, fun show, filled with comedy, magic, and audience participation where each trick builds into the next in a storybook form. Objects appear out of nowhere, disappear, change colors, and turn into other objects right before your very eyes (some of them you might even get to eat). It crescendos into a climatic finish where the audience is completely enthralled, mesmerized, and utterly delighted! The only thing that will outlast your feelings of “Great Fun” is the haunting question “How did he do that”?????

Corporate Level Magician:
Everyone watches at once. The Magician is up in front of the entire audience and commands everyone’s attention. This show can last up to one hour depending on your needs. The show will consist of a level of entertainment sophistication that is geared directly towards your particular audience’s age factors. This is to ensure that EVERYONE WATCHING will enjoy the show regardless of how old or young they may be. A small PA system for “quality sound” will be used when needed at no additional charge. The show can be performed on a stage or from a floor level with the audience sitting down.

For Fund raisers or events where there are separate groups of people, the show up can be performed in time slots so that you can empty then refill the room for the next show.
All Fun Times Magicians can also do combinations of balloon sculptures; face painting and temporary tattoos if needed.

Walk Around Magic:
In situations where you have a dinner crowd or a floating group of guests, walk around magic might just be what you need. The magician either travels around to different groups of people performing “mini” shows or performs the “Mini” shows in one spot as guests come to him. This is just as fun as the larger magic shows but now other things can be going on at the same time.

Note: Performing time starts when performance is scheduled to start and continues without stopping until it is scheduled to stop or is extended to stop.
Note: All regular travel (up to 30 miles one way), Preparation Time, set up and tear down of equipment time are included free of charge and not charged as actual performance time.

Corporate Level Fortune Teller:
At Fun Times we can predict the future. We can see all the guests at your party having the time of their lives with our Fortune Teller “Henry the Great”. Henry is a professional comedy fortune teller. His show consists of comedy, comedy magic, audience participation, and a lot of FUN!!!!
Dressed in the full Fortune teller outfit “Henry the Great” will amaze your guests with the information he knows about their futures. Will it all come true? You’ll have to wait for the future to find out. But, for now, one thing is sure. It will be hilariously entertaining, having your fortune read by him.
If you want you can supply some funny information about your guests to use in the show. If not don’t worry, “Henry the Great” will use his 15 years of professional experience in stand up comedy and corporate magic to determine your guest’s future. The show is rated “G” unless otherwise requested.
Do something different for entertainment at your party. “Henry the Great” will make your event the envy of all others.

References available upon request!